Do your customers know that they
matter to you?

Like you, we care deeply for our customers and clients (they’re actively participating in our dream business, after all!). And we have always known that creating a thriving business is based on creating happy customers.


The Fundamental Problem: it’s all “me” instead of “we”.


Your customers are individuals, not a community, and you’d rather walk on hot coals than hear how they feel about your work. After all, you look around your crowded marketplace and feel a little Vanilla in your Rocky Road world.

You’re an established business owner lying awake at night wondering when the bottom is going to drop out.

It’s time to get some sleep.

You know that you have to stand out to make a big impact and see even bigger returns.

We are tired of seeing established business owners hustle constantly to create new leads instead of cultivating the ones right in their own laps. Sick of hearing about customers who feel ripped off, like “another number”, or who end up on lists they never joined in the first place (#annoying).

Imagine your business full of ridiculously happy customers.



They feel cared for and they:

• tell everyone they know about you

• write glowing testimonials for your website

• send perfect-for-you clients right over to you

• ask to work with you again. And again.

become your free sales and marketing plan for life


And that’s why we created

Your Signature Experience for you.

To help you build the signature branded customer experience you have dreamed of creating. To put people first and PayPal second. To build a community of stark-raving fans through a customer-focused process that will have them singing your praises to everyone they know.

And to build referral after referral full of incredibly happy, repeat customers.


Take a look at the last interaction you had with another business that totally wow’d you.


They stand out in your mind, right? If you’ve shopped with Zappos lately, their quick two day shipping (sometimes upgraded to overnight!) and prompt service have you singing their praises. Or maybe you woke up in the Malibu Beach Inn and saw the LA Times AND your hometown newspaper outside your door. It’s the little touches that make all the difference in a digital age.

The old way no longer works.


From 1900-1960 we were in the Age of Manufacturing. If you owned the factory, you owned the market. Think Ford.   In 1960, we moved into the Age of Distribution. If you could make it fast and cheap, you won the audience. This is where Walmart took off and grabbed the marketplace.

For 30 years we remained focused on fast and cheap, until 1990 when we entered the Age of Information. Now, armed with more choices than ever before, Amazon and Google started putting the power back into the hands of the buyers by giving them choice, accessibility, and service.

Today we are in the Age of the Customer.Your customers and clients can know just as much about your products and services as you do. We can Google anything, leave reviews, and our expectations have grown higher and higher knowing the infinite choices we have in where and how we spend our money.

Your signature experience matters now more than ever before.
And we’re here to help you stand out.


“Val has a genius-like ability to help you create killer customer experiences and then helps you systematize your drool-worthy customer experience so it runs automatically.” – Erika Lyremark

  “For solo-preneurs, creating an incredible experience for your clients and community is essential! And yet, most of us are so overwhelmed with everything we’ve got to do in our business that we just run out of time. This is where Val and Suzi come in. They’re dedicated to helping you create an experience that leaves your peeps absolutely WOWed. Every entrepreneur needs these two on their side!” – Racheal Cook, The Yogipreneur

Your Signature Teachers…

Val Val Geisler

is a Client Experience + Systems Strategist with a passion for digital entrepreneurs. After over a decade behind the scenes of everything from non-profits to multi-six-figure businesses, Val has the innate ability to think big picture and minute details at the exact same time.

Learn More at

Suzi Suzi Istvan

is the Creative Director and Brand Strategist of Splendidly Curious, a boutique branding and design agency. With over a decade of branding and marketing experience in corporate, small business, and nonprofit agencies, Suzi is passionate about helping micro businesses stand out.

Learn More at

And you’ll get instant access to bonus interviews with experts we know and trust to give you extra insight:

Rachael Cook

ongoing engagement and long term relationship building

Marie Poulin

project proposals that delight

Nikki Elledge Brown

copy with your signature personality 

Parish Wilson

creating your signature content

Ellen Ercolini

fuel your brand with repeat business

David Sherry &  Allie Lehman

rallying a thriving community 

The Method

Module 1 – Dinner Party Prep


Part 1 – Your Most Valuable Clients

This could be the most important module of the whole course, and it’s the crucial step that truly builds a business that stands out in a crowd. Your Signature Experience is about meeting your customers where they are and putting them in the center of how you do business. In this first lesson you’ll discover why just a few of your customers have the power to influence all the rest. We’ll teach you how to uncover who those key players are and what you can learn from them right now.


Part 2: Dinner Party Prep (the research)

Now that you know WHO you are talking to, it’s time to get to know them a bit better. This module is the backbone of your customer experience. With guided videos and cheat sheets, you’ll learn the tricks of the trade from a seasoned researcher. Your customer is out there telling you her needs, wants, and desires – time to learn what they are! But there’s a piece of the puzzle most people gloss over: what are your customers not saying? How can you find out what they really desire if they aren’t coming right out with it? This lesson will teach you how to uncover those hidden desires so you can speak directly to them and market your next big thing effectively.

Module 2 – Implementing The Dinner Party Strategy


You wouldn’t do all that prep just to cancel the dinner party.  Now that you’ve done the research and know who you’re all prepped for, you can start getting specific. In this module we’ll show you how to setup easy-to-implement systems to support your signature experience from the very first glance.


We’ll cover:

  • proposals and sales calls that don’t feel gross
  • a customized intake process
  • payment/signup (it’s more than a PayPal button)
  • next steps

Module 3 – During The Dinner Party


You’re finally doing the work, the very thing you set out to do when you started this journey. But doing the work can get messy. Communication is tricky and setting expectations is hard. This module is designed to take you through the entire process of working with your clients. While every type of business is different, the needs for communication never changes. We’ll show you how to make it simple, and even offer you some ready-to-roll templates you can use right away.


This module is all about the C’s:

  • carefully crafted communication
  • customer check-ins
  • community conversations

Module 4 – Wrap It Up With a Bow


In the final module (our favorite!), we’re sharing the crucial (and often overlooked) steps to finalizing your work with a customer that help lead to repeat business and rave reviews. We’re talking the good stuff here:

  • wrap up / deliverables
  • follow up templates
  • testimonial gathering
  • referrals and more ways to work with you

You’ll also get our hacks to making this part easy. After all, FUN should be the name of this game!


This is made for you.

If you’re like us and tired of seeing the same “formulas”, “funnels”, and sleazy sales tactics that leave you wondering why you started this business in the first place, you’re in the right place.

Your Signature Experience is designed to bring the love and meaning back into your digital business. Get to know your customers, show them you care, and then relax and SMILE. You finally have a signature experience that you love.


Enrollment is Now Closed!

“While completing Your Signature Experience, I secured 4 new private clients bringing in multiple-five figures of work. I know that the work I did around speaking to my ideal client and writing client-centered proposals played a HUGE role.”

– Lex Vernon, Communication and Leadership Coach


“I really loved the freedom and encouragement to go at your own pace. Being a creative woman managing all aspects of my reality from motherhood to conscious warrior, I appreciated the open door to learn, absorb and implement at my own pace. My greatest a-ha moment was discovering that I actually had a ‘market’, that it wasn’t everybody, like we perceive. All clients are at a different stage of growth and that was a magnificent discovery for me. I can speak to them with directed purpose now. Ah-ma-zing! I run an online writing workshop each month and creating the signature experience for that workshop was one of the things I focused on over the summer. Well…. tomorrow is the first workshop with all the pieces in place and does it ever feel good! I haven’t had to worry about reminder emails or making sure everyone has what they need in preparation for the day (like I was doing with the workshop in the past). It has all been beautifully automated so that my participants are well taken care of throughout the process. Thank you so much Val & Suzi. This is a big win for me and my clients.”

– Parrish Wilson, Content Strategist and Writing Coach

“I did my first consult with my well mapped out questions from Module 2. OMG -> This made all the difference!!!! I learned so much about what people see when they see my site building and DIY offerings. Your Signature Experience really helped because I struggle with trying to convince people to hire me and that one really helped me see into the hearts of what people think web design means. Which gives me ideas for writing a post and creating something for my FAQ’s about what does it mean or what does your web designer do for you? Or, this is my role as your site designer. All of the questions I asked were so helpful in me understanding my clients. I just loved the structure and ease of doing a consult this way. I didn’t feel like I was trying to get someone to hire me, but instead helping them by getting a feeling about what it would be like if we worked together.”” – Kimberly Gosney, Web Designer & Developer  


I’m a maker/service provider/brick and mortar business/unicorn….is Your Signature Experience right for me? The exciting answer is YES. (Especially you unicorns!) But seriously, we have both worked online and offline, for large corporations and small businesses, and have also run our own solo brands. Previous students have included (but are not limited to): coaches, photographers, web developers, writers, public speakers, health gurus, and yogis. This course will help you to customize your experience for your business, with guidance from us on how to make these concepts apply to and work for your business model. And in our Facebook group, we’ll be able to give you ideas specific to your brand when you feel stuck.
I’ve already taken some comprehensive business trainings. Will this still help me? Absolutely. In fact, you’re in an even better position to benefit from this polishing up of your business experience! While we’ll be helping you to really listen to your clients and do deep research on them in a way you probably have never been taught before, we won’t be helping you with the super basic stuff at all. Instead, we’ll focus on how you can do the work you love and stand out in a way only you can so you’ll welcome repeat business and referrals. While other programs can give you solid start on creating a quality business, we want to refine your process so you are the ONLY option that comes to mind for your clients. 
How is the course content delivered? You will get access to our password-protected online classroom. Each module will contain videos, interactive worksheets, and downloadable guides. You’ll also have access to checklists, swipe files, and resources in our bonus section, PLUS audio and video interviews with our experts. And because LIVE interaction is important, you’ll be invited to our members-only Facebook group, where we’ll be answering questions and giving feedback.
What if I want to work with you 1×1? So…here’s the thing…We’re both booked solid right now. And its largely because of using the methods that we teach in Your Signature Experience! If you want to learn from us and get our advice in our exclusive Facebook group, this is your best bet.
What if I decide that it’s not for me after I’ve already purchased? If you aren’t happy with Your Signature Experience and can prove you’ve put it to work inside your business, we’ll refund you within the first 14 days of your purchase.
I think my customers are already pretty happy. Do I need this course? Great question (and congrats on those happy customers!). Your Signature Experience is designed for every business owner to improve what they’re already doing. We aren’t here to show you you’re doing something wrong. We’re here to show you what’s already working and how to make it even better. If that’s something you’re interested in, we’d love to see you inside the course!
I’m pretty busy. What if I don’t get to everything right away? No problem! While we would love to see you implement everything to start getting results right away,  we are both busy mama CEOs and we so get it. That’s why you have lifetime access to the content once you join in and you can work completely at your own pace.
I’m not sure that I’m ready for this step right now. Will you be offering this course again in the future? They say the only guarantee in life is change. So, we’re not sure! That said, even if you think you’ll only benefit from Module 1 right now, you can grab the entire course content today and have lifetime access to come back later on and dive into Modules 2-4. We say that if you’re on the fence, jump in now while it’s here!
I love Facebook Groups. Will there be one for this course? Absolutely! We love them too, and we know there is incredible power in a strong community of like-minded people. The group will also be Lifetime Access – we won’t close the doors so you can keep the wins and collaborations and support coming well into the fall and beyond.

Enrollment is Now Closed!

Hurry! Enrollment Closes on February 10th at Midnight EST!








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